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I speak at conferences and meetups. Well, sometimes at least. And it is fun. Here's what it looks like.

  • Dependency Injection for future generations - CodeTalks, October 2015

    The third and last episode on Angular 2's dependency injection in Hamburg.

  • Dependency Injection for future generations - goto; Amsterdam, June 2015

    NG-Duo is back! Together with Carmen i'll give another episode on dependency injection in Angular 2.

  • Dependency Injection for future generations - JSConf Budapest, May 2015

    My very first time speaking at a JSConf! This time I had the honour to go on stage and talk about the new dependency injection system that Angular 2 brings to the table.

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  • Fireside chats about Angular 2.0 - Voxxed Days, Apr 2015

    In this talk we want to take a seat, set up a very cozy virtual fireplace and have a relaxed chat about Angular 2.0. No migration paths, no comparisons with 1.* versions, just Angular 2.0. We want to take a closer look at how we can actually use the framework by taking its new concepts and features and integrating them into running examples.

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  • Better i18n for your Angular Apps - NG-Conf, Mar 2015

    In this talk, Chirayu and I showed the the Angular world the new i18n solution that comes to the Angular project. It was such a fun!

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  • The best Angular yet! - NG-NL, Feb 2015

    Together with Christoph Burgdorf, I gonna talk about the best Angular yet at Amsterdam's first Angular conference.

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  • "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow!" - AngularJS and Web Components - ngEurope, Oct 2014

    The second ngDuo talk of all time happened at the first official european Angular conference ngEurope. In this talk we showed the people what Web Components are and how they can be integrated with the Angular of today (1.3.x), what issues can occur and how the Angular of tomorrow (2.x) will solve these problems. It was a blast!

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  • Componentize all the things! - Jsist, Sep 2014

    Hello Istanbul! Another great conference but this time in beautiful Istanbul. I gave a deep introduction to native Web Components technologies and how they are compared to libraries like Polymer and X-Tag.

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  • E2E Testing with Protractor - EnterJS, Jul 2014

    First german conference I gave a talk at. In this session I dug deeper into the E2E part of Full Spectrum Testing. Loads of live demos with Protractor.

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  • Full Spectrum Testing -, May 2014

    New conference, new experience. This time I was honoured to speak together with the awesome Carmen Popoviciu about several testing approaches for AngularJS based applications.

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  • i18n with angular-translate - Berlin AngularJS Meetup, Mar 2014

    A follow up talk of my talk "AngularJS and i18n". Basically the same slide deck but slightly changed.

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  • AngularJS and i18n -, Mar 2014

    First conference talk ever! Actually have to thank Pete Bacon Darwin for making it possible. This opportunity was a key experience in my life.

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  • i18n with angular-translate - Dutch AngularJS Meetup, Nov 2013

    My very first international experience when it comes to speaking. This was also my first official talk about the angular-translate project.

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  • Hands on Polymer- HannoverJS Meetup, Sep 2013

    Yeap, I played with it a looong time before it was cool. In this talk I showed how Polymer will help to change the way we'll build web applications in the future.

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  • Mastering AngularJS Directives- HannoverJS Meetup, Mar 2013

    My second talk about AngularJS. This time about mastering Angular directives. I mainly showed what directives are, why they are powerful and how to implement them.

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  • AngularJS Insights - HannoverJS Meetup, Jan 2013

    My very first talk about AngularJS. In this talk I gave a lot of insights on how Angular is actually working and what happens behind the scenes.

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