Picture of Pascal

Hi there.

I’m a Software Engineer. I strive to be a decent person every day and I enjoy working on open source.

Currently I’m on the Embark team at Status building tools for developers.

I created thoughtram, a software training company that focuses on high-quality content and fun, and MachineLabs, a developer platform that makes it easy for you to get started with Machine Learning.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, StackOverflow… pretty much everywhere as @PascalPrecht. All of my profiles and identities including my public key are verified on keybase.

Sometimes I speak at conferences too. Here are some of my talks.

Did you know…?

Oh yea, writing takes quite a lot of time, I’m glad you ask. Yes, I do appreciate high-fives on Twitter and the tip you want to send me using Brave so I can buy me a coffee or two. 🙏

* Or send a tip to my Ether address below.