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Guess it's time for a new start

Wait… what? It’s been four years since my last post here on my blog? How did that happen… ah right, I spent the past years building thoughtram with my buddy Christoph and taught quite a few people how to use Git and how to build web applications with Angular.

A lot of things have happened since then. While it was pretty quiet here, I wrote over 60 articles on the thoughtram blog (some of them you might have read, if you’re into Angular). I also spoke at some conferences and even became a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. Obviously there was a lot of travelling involved as well. I stopped counting the countries I’ve visited.

Next up, about a year ago, we’ve started our next journey with MachineLabs in which we’re trying to make it easier for everyone to get started with Machine Learning. In order to achieve greater adoption and keeping things as transparent as possible, we even open sourced the entire platform. It’s been a lot of fun to build applications again and it’s even more fun to see a community building around the project, with people helping out making it better every day (wanna contribute? 👉🏼this way!)

Man… that’s a lot of stuff. Can’t believe all of this happened in the past four years. Anyways, it’s time to move on.

I need to stretch myself

Teaching people all around the globe software technologies is really fun. In addition to that, you make a lot of new friends which is kind of a nice thing to have as well. I truly appreciate it. After doing this for so many years though, I really feel like challenging myself again and exploring different fields.

That’s why for the past few months, I started reading about the decentralization movement (yes yes, also your favorite blockchain) and related topics, such as peer-to-peer networking and cryptography. Turned out I actually really like cryptography, who would have thought…🤔

Similar to what I’ve done over at thoughtram, I’d like to write about my learnings as I go along. To me, this is very exciting, because I’m kind of starting from scratch. I’m not the guy who’s built this super useful plugin for your favorite framework (cough angular-translate cough), and I’m certainly not carrying another GDE badge for being specialized in this field. Nobody really knows me in that space. It may sound weird, but it’s a really nice feeling to have.

Just recently I’ve managed to land my first pull request at the IPFS project - thanks Alan!🙏 It’s a small step but I’m very happy I found a way to get started. You can expect one or the other post about the project and its fundamentals in the upcoming months.

In case you wonder, yes I still like Angular and the community is probably the nicest one that I have ever been part of. Also, as I’m maintaining MachineLabs, I’m kind of doing Angular more or less on a daily basis. It even looks like I’ll be speaking about Angular at the end of the year as well.

However, I’m going to change my focus a little bit. I don’t have any concrete plans nor do I have an idea where this takes me. If the title of this post made you think Pascal is going to announce something big, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Guess it’s just time for a new start.