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Joining the Embark Team at Status

A few months ago, I wrote about that I’m looking for a change and some fresh air in my career. After spending quite some time learning about building decentralized applications on top of blockchain platforms like Ethereum and contributing to projects like IPFS and Aragon, I’m happy I’ve got the opportunity to join the Embark team at Status as a Software Engineer to help pushing this space forward.

If you haven’t heard about Embark before, it’s a framework and development environment for building and deploying decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform. Embark aims to be as fast, easy to use and flexible as possible by supporting decentralized storage systems like IPFS and communication protocols like Whisper. It’s also the go to platform to use when designing and building apps that run inside the Status app and will be a core API for Status’ upcoming Studio project, an integrated developer environment and education platform for Ethereum developers (sorry, no link, as it’s super early stages 🙃). Have a look at Embark’s repository here.

I’ll be working on implementing new features, creating extensions (for VSCode 😎), maintaining the codebase and improving the developer experience so that building decentralized applications becomes even more fun.

In case you’re wondering, thoughtram isn’t going anywhere. We have great trainers that will continue providing high-quality workshops. In fact, I’ve stepped back from doing training for a few months now (as mentioned in this post) and it’s working very well. Also, MachineLabs is still open source and awaiting your contributions.

Working on Embark is going to be a new challenge for me and I’m looking forward to working with the existing team of super talented engineers, learning more about Ethereum app development and contributing my part to the overall decentralization movement for a better world!